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Integrate SEO Into Your Website From Day One


When running a company, one will want a solid Internet presence. To get started with this, a business should run a serious SEO campaign. Here are four tips to integrate SEO into a website from day one.

Domain: Believe it or not, a domain name can help or hinder the organic search results. When choosing a domain, one should opt for a name that fits with the company or product. Furthermore, a buyer should look for a .com as some search engines devalue other domains.

Content: When writing the content, one should take their Read the rest of this entry »

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Would You Want To Bookmark Your Site?


Web development can be complicated for those who are new to the field and and making the right design choices is vitally important to generating traffic and revenue on any page. When making design decisions for the web, ask yourself this question: Would you want to bookmark your site?

Colors are an important consideration to make while designing a webpage. Try to avoid too many bold colors; instead keep extremely vivid colors to a minimum and only use them to draw attention to particular points. Very light colors should Read the rest of this entry »

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The Importance Of Good Site Navigation


When you’re creating a website, you certainly need to pay attention to the graphic design and the spelling on the site. However, you also need to have proper site navigation. As visitors come to your site, they need to be able to get where they are going quickly and in an efficient manner.

Let’s say that someone comes to your website and he or she cannot find what it is that he or she wants. Within a few minutes, and Read the rest of this entry »

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Having a Network Strong Enough for your Site


Lots of businesses like dazzle their consumers and clients with a website that says everything about them. Most of the time these sites have special coding and cascading style sheets that all eventually fit together like some archaic jigsaw puzzle into a web experience meant to shock and surprise the viewer while drawing them in. While a website with all the bells and whistles sounds like it might be nice, some of these companies are not equipped with the proper business internet infrastructure and that can lead to trouble – especially on a network where so much is already going on.

Any number of tasks can be happening on a network existing parallel to all the online tasks that simply must be done and, of course, supporting a highly detailed and highly automated site. We’re talking about people using their smartphones and iPads to log onto the network and do their thing or worker’s streaming radio stations to pass the time during a particularly busy and stressful day. While most businesses find ways to block these services, some look to reliable network systems like xo and the like, which can really free up some space for anyone looking to conduct business without any needless slowdown and, sometimes, that can make all the difference in the world.

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Six Ways That CSS Will Change Your Life


The use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) makes creating and maintaining websites easier for web developers and designers.

Six great reasons for using CSS:

1.Uncluttered source code. Your markup will be easier to write and maintain. It will also look more professional and clean by using CSS and web standards markup.
2.Separating your content from your design. Since the entire style markup will be in one separate file, there is no need to search through a long page of HTML trying to find that one design element you need Read the rest of this entry »

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Which FTP Program Should You Be Using?


If you are new to the world of websites and blogs and are looking for a low cost program to upload files to your website, then look no further than Filezilla. This is an open source program from Mozilla that is free to download. The program is from the same people who produced the popular Firefox browser. It is a dependable program and is used by many people and has good help features at the Mozilla website in the form of frequently asked questions as well as user forums.

The Filezilla program is essentially Read the rest of this entry »

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Adobe PhotoShop: A Web Designer’s Best Friend


Adobe Photoshop is a web designer’s best friend in so many ways. It is the single most important piece of software ever developed for graphic design and webpage photo editing. It is useful for preparation of photos, editing large content and can be used to convert file types to web ready pictures. Photoshop has grown in size as a program over the decades, but it has always remained true to the basic photographic principles that are Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Accessibility For Every Visitor Is So Important


As a coder of sites, making sure that the site you are creating and implementing is accessible by the general public, and by all who want to visit it, is essential for that business you are creating and coding the site for. You must make sure the site can be seen by, and can be accessed by all who want to visit, especially those who are going to be potential customers to a site, whose page you are developing and implementing. The acccessibility of a site will determine the amount of traffic a site gets, and Read the rest of this entry »

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