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Would You Want To Bookmark Your Site?

May 31st, 2013 by admin

Web development can be complicated for those who are new to the field and and making the right design choices is vitally important to generating traffic and revenue on any page. When making design decisions for the web, ask yourself this question: Would you want to bookmark your site?

Colors are an important consideration to make while designing a webpage. Try to avoid too many bold colors; instead keep extremely vivid colors to a minimum and only use them to draw attention to particular points. Very light colors should also be minimized; if a visitor has to squint because text is presented in colors that are too light, they probably will not want to return to your website.

Rookie web designers often think that bold, flashing text or images will attract visitors, but this is not the case. Keep images simple and stationary unless your website is going to include embedded video.

The name of a website is just as important as its design. If the name is too long, visitors are likely to forget it. Choosing a humorous name is a great idea, but make sure to run it by several other people; not everyone will share your sense of humor.

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