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Integrate SEO Into Your Website From Day One

August 9th, 2013 by admin

When running a company, one will want a solid Internet presence. To get started with this, a business should run a serious SEO campaign. Here are four tips to integrate SEO into a website from day one.

Domain: Believe it or not, a domain name can help or hinder the organic search results. When choosing a domain, one should opt for a name that fits with the company or product. Furthermore, a buyer should look for a .com as some search engines devalue other domains.

Content: When writing the content, one should take their time to make it readable and useful. At the same time, the writer must use the right keywords, but not too much.

Links: From day one, a company should get links from relevant sources. However, the company must make sure to obtain the links from a valuablewebsiteand not a junk site.

Social media: When starting a company, one should sign up for Facebook and Twitter immediately. Whenplacinglinks to the company website, one can help their SEO efforts.

Without a doubt, a company owner must take time to build a solid SEO strategy. When doing so, the business will gain plenty of website traffic within a few months.The hits keep comin’: Nearly Half of All Website Traffic Comes From Organic Search

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